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Afghanis like Sharia laws

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

When rational thinking failed.

Taliban became de factor rulers of Afghanistan on August 15 this year. The Biden administration botched the withdrawal of allied forces with devastating harm to individuals and Western self-image. Predictably, the West failed dismally in its quest to drag Afghanistan out of the stone age and into a modern democracy. Western democracies took thousands of years to develop. Our "experts" thought they could do it in 20 years.

The initial decision to occupy Afghanistan may have been correct, but the Western urge to "help" foreign cultures has spun out of democratic control. Our leaders have little respect for voters who gave them power, and they never asked the tribal Afghanis if they wanted to adopt Western values. Pew Research Center says 99% of Afghanis support Sharia as the law of the land. This means they support public stoning of women "adulterers". So it appears the Afghanis like the patriarchy and their penal codes.

Afghani woman not happy with Western "help"

Radical Islam is flourishing in Europe, many effectively living in autonomous zones where no Westerners dare venture without armed protection. This is evidence that Islamic migrants reject Western values. The 20 years of forced democracy-building in Afghanistan has exposed incredible stupidity, arrogance and corruption.

When I served in the Middle East I learnt there was an Arabic expression saying "The West is like a woman to be mounted". Islamists, moderates or radicals, do not view kindness, empathy, gentleness as a valour. They view it as weakness to be exploited. Therefore, it is discouraging listening to the emasculated and weak Biden Administration. Appeasement and restrain are not traits well respected by Taliban. A safer world is shaped by leaders of honour and integrity. Leaders with qualities that make them formidable and intimidating when required, not feminised weaklings obsessed with gender pronouns and critical race theories .

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