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How to Destroy the Middle-Class

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Failed policies over the last three decades are destroying the middle class and more and more global friends are distancing themselves from the Western coalition led by the USA.

The West is more than ever a coalition of failed policies where war is promoted as the solution to every foreign problem. Western foreign policy is rooted in thinking that military power can determine desired objectives without diplomacy. This approach reflects arrogance and incompetence among our leaders. Notably, historical examples—from North Korea and Vietnam to Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, the Middle East, and Afghanistan—underscore that Western-like democracies cannot be forcibly imposed through the barrel of a gun.

Despite massive inflows of Western arms, intelligence, and money, Ukraine appears already defeated by superior Russian forces. Her economy is on life support paid by Western taxpayers. Bluntly stated - the situation is a debacle with no evident exit. It is also an embarrassment and testament to Western political and military ineptitude, something no mainstream media will address or admit. So if you fear character assassinations from calling out failing policies - don't mention the war - or any other lost war for that matter.

Western leaders seem oblivious that the world has evolved beyond the control from the DC blob. The middle class is bled dry by destructive economic policies and increased taxes, while the press remains ignorant to what is going on. Governments and bureaucracies operate with unchecked authority, while we, the citizens, may only act on permission. The US Congress, the bureaucrats in Brussels and the UK Parliament exemplify a political mess comprising an elite class with no ability or willingness to employ honesty and diplomacy to solve problems. As Thomas Sowell eloquently explains:

“The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.”

President Biden’s incoherent remarks about American greatness and military strength are delusional. The concept of American exceptionalism, once vibrant, now lingers as a distant memory from an era when the Washington administration was more modest and held the Constitution in high regard. However, the current state of affairs is quite different.

The U.S. military is overextended and weakened due to policies centered around “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Feckless leaders prioritize their own careers over addressing the decline. The British Empire broke its back after fighting two world wars, ultimately paving the way for American industrial might and global dominance. Yet, history teaches us that all empires eventually collapse under the weight of their own success and there is little doubt that the US will eventually suffer the same fate, only accelerated by DEI policies that do nothing other than create cynical tribalism and a meritless society.

DEI - Ideology over Merit

The Ukrainian debacle is a tragic case exposing the utter incompetence in Washington, Brussels, and London. We are constantly told that NATO entanglements in Ukraine are defending democracy, but that is a lie. Ukraine is a corrupt cleptocracy of no interest to the US other than shifting attention away from the utter inability to solve domestic problems. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have died for no purpose. A whole generation of Ukrainian young men is wiped out for the price of 150 billion USD, money borrowed in the name of broke US taxpayers and future generations.

The Western political hate for everything Russian has convinced ordinary Russians to circle the wagons around their leader. Putin is probably more popular than ever and is going nowhere. All Western declared objectives have failed. Still, Ukraine is just adding to a long list of disastrous political decisions suggesting that the US and European political leadership is the worst in history.

Image by cartoonist Carlos Latuff

The unraveling of failed Western policies is here and at an alarming speed. The sooner people wake up to reality, the better they can prepare for looming austerities coming from broken supply chains, unprecedented budget deficits, and a massive debt burden on governments as well as households. Sadly, the West has lived beyond means for decades and there is not much runway left to keep the party going.

Unless you are part of the statistical 1% that props up political rulers in return for tax-exempts, the rest of Western taxpayers need to understand that the government is not your friend. The state is a living entity, a parasite seeking to perpetuate itself at all costs and by any means possible. It will always grow and increase its power by the use of force. The victims of this predatory entity are you - the middle-class taxpaying serf.

You will pay for wars, welfare, and unfettered immigration by incompatible cultures that hate our values. Our new countrymen consider Western magnanimity a weakness - something to be exploited - not reciprocated. Therefore, our future will be about increased taxes, more tribalistic strife, and loss of civil liberties.

To survive in an increasingly competitive and hostile world, we need sound money, and an industrial base creating real jobs producing goods and services - not a DEI industry. Most of all, we need competent politicians with diplomatic skills. Will the electorates promote such a political shift at the ballot boxes? Not likely. Younger voters are increasingly affected by the woke virus, having learned in school nothing but hating their own culture and heritage.

For the first time in many generations, our grandchildren face a darker and less prosperous future than most of us did at the same age. The Western world has painted itself into a corner from where there is no escape. History will judge us harshly for the decline we have brought on ourselves.

There are glimmers of hope with more people opening their eyes to reality, but we are a far cry from changing anything yet. Sadly, I think there will be no return to sanity until something breaks and the entire system implodes.

It saddens me to look into my grandchild’s eyes, thinking she belongs to the first generation in centuries who will have less freedom and prosperity than parents and grandparents.

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