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Western societies are rapidly sinking into madness. Irrational sensitivity to race, gender and religion threatens to destroy our culture from within. For common sense to prevail we need to speak up against woke agendas and destructive ideology. 

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Middle East 1984

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I believe the good in Western culture. Patriotism and national pride will defeat globalism and woke ideology. We respect our flag and cultural traditions. 

Our ancestors made tremendous sacrifices to protect Civil Liberties. 2020 has proved that freedom can not be taken for granted.

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This site was created as a result of COVID. Effectively confined to house arrest provided ample time to express personal thoughts and ideas in writing. Current political elites have fallen victim to utopian narratives. They appear incapable of saving our societies from cultural and economic decline. 

I designed this site without any previous experience. It is an amateur's work. The objective was merely to challenge friends and associates, whose opinions are dominated by wokism and a false sense of moral superiority. It has provoked some debate, but sadly enough, people increasingly fear sharing personal views not compliant with the new orthodoxy of political correctness.