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Election Fraud - True or False?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most of the Western world has placed great trust in elections to give a correct outcome. The US 2020 election has proven otherwise. Millions of Americans believe Democrats stole the election. Mainstream media claims it is all over and people should accept Joe Biden as the winner.

Republicans claim fraud while Democrats and mainstream media deny any wrongdoings.

It is hard to call fact from fiction, but that should not be an argument for not thinking ourselves. Mainstream media has over the last five years acted as propaganda outlets against the Trump presidency, and they no longer bother to deny it. Big-Tech has sacrificed free speech for liberal-left values hating everyone expressing views not their own. Facebook and Twitter has funnelled big money into the Biden campaign all disguised as measures to “promote democracy and transparency”. As the election came closer and it became apparent that the Democrats would not win the predicted landslide victory, they started direct censorship on political expressions, even on the President himself. No matter what the election outcome becomes, this is not only about a Presidency, it is about what America will be in the future. We cannot let media intimidate free speech, or let social media cancel people for their opinions, fire employees for supporting the wrong presidential candidate. Professors should not tell us what to think or indoctrinate our children in universities. Those are the practices of totalitarian systems. Failure to stand up against totalitarianism threatens civil liberties, the very foundation for Western democracies.

Media has already “fact checked” the election results, and we are told there is no evidence of fraud. A week later the attitude is less dogmatic and now they say - Even if there was a fraud, it makes no difference. It has become quite clear to us all that mainstream media, whether in Europe or the US, is a propaganda outlet for leftwing liberal ideas. The only way of getting a balanced view is to seek information from alternative media. We the "commoners" can also play the cancel game.

We have recently learnt that Trump’s legal team have produced affidavits based on more than 50 witnesses, and the evidence is astonishing and should be no less than shocking to any citizen defending democratic values. There are claims not only of irregularities but of planned and coordinated electoral fraud in all swing states with Pennsylvania as the most egregious of them all. The alleged scam has taken place only in a few states, but exactly the states that are critical for the election results, those states that the Democrats need to win to have the new President. Democrat election officials prepared a contingency plan to produce enough ballots to balance a potential Trump lead. In Pennsylvania, Trump was ahead with 800 000 votes, 5% in Michigan and 9% in Wisconsin. That is when Democrats panicked. The lead was way more than anticipated. Hence, the worst case contingency plan was into action, creating millions of illegal ballots to swing the election outcome. This was a monumental task in practical terms, and sloppiness made it impossible to cover tracks.

The Trump legal effort has interviewed witnesses and produced affidavits giving evidence of widespread fraud. Some of these are:

  • Unidentified individuals brought in 100 000 ballots at 04:00 in the morning, when Trump had a significant lead and most Republican poll workers had left. All ballots were quickly called for Biden shifting the Trump's lead.

  • The software Dominion used in 32 states, has flipped votes.

  • Election officials instructed poll workers to fix votes in Biden’s favour.

  • Votes were accepted without legitimacy checks required by law.

  • City Democrat officials walked into the polling boots showing people how to vote.

  • Lack of signature verification.

  • Ballots counted more than once.

  • Birthdays entered as 1/1/1900.

  • Republican election observers threatened with arrest when pointing out irregularities.

  • Late ballots not voided.

  • Votes cast by dead persons. (Comment: Wathdog identified that 350 000 dead persons are still on the rolls. We can only wonder how many of these have voted).

  • Police removed republican observers to laughter and cheering from poll workers when calling irregularities.

Rudy Giuliani alleges in an interview with Sara Carter, that more than 300, 000 illegal ballots in Pennsylvania, as well as a similar amount in Michigan. He said that the Trump campaign has multiple witnesses regarding irregularities that occurred on or before Election Day. However, he emphasized that it is the voting machines that caused the most discrepancies. A Pennsylvania judge rules in favour of Trump: The Secretary of State did not have the statutory authority to change the deadline for elector proof of identification. This is considered to be a significant victory for Presidents Trump's legal team. A toss out of invalidated votes has the potential to secure the Trump Presidency for another four years.

These claims and other evidence not yet made public, will be scrutinized in court battles but I think it is fair to call these findings very upsetting. If these allegations should turn out to be true, Americans have been exposed to nothing less than a non-military coup. The perpetrators should be dealt with accordingly. America is not a banana republic where such activities can go unpunished.

Al Gore contested the 2000 election result in just one state, and it took 37 days for the courts to conclude the outcome. He rightfully declined to concede before the courts had done its job, and received no criticism for this. President Trump should be granted the same courtesy. Public trust in the electoral system depends on confirming all legal votes in states with narrow margins. Failure to do so will create even more national division and resentment than we have witnessed till now. The 2020 election is not over and patience will be a virtue for anyone waiting for the next President to be officially declared. Successful removal of illegal ballots can still change the outcome. By November 14 it takes only a total of 62.000 votes in AZ, GA, NV and PA to flip the results in Trump’s favour.

The 2020 election is indeed a memory for life. We, the ordinary man and woman have no opportunity to assess the evidence and the quality of it. It is up to anyone to decide what to believe. Exposure to 5 years of propaganda against the Trump Presidency may have defeated your ability to use common sense. My message to the ones who still thinks the election represented fair play - I have some Florida swampland to sell you.

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