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When politics comes second

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The US election is drawing to a close. Although the winner is not called, Joe Biden has a lead and there is little hope that President Trump's legal actions will lead to a different outcome. Nevertheless, electoral irregularities are disclosed and needs to be investigated. Ballots have been appearing out of nowhere in blue states, and of course none of them are for Trump. Ballot counters ejects republican witnesses required by law. If these stories are true there is something fishy going on.

Mainstream media does not decide election results. Lawsuits must be allowed to follow due process. Al Gore spend 36 days in courts before he accepted defeat. Disputes are resolved in courts. It is the American way.

Pollsters have learnt nothing from the 2016 election and we can no longer trust them to be either honest or smart, or maybe there was a plan behind it all. Very few prediction came true as mainstream media peddled double digit lead to Biden throughout the election campaign. Inaccurate polls in Biden's favour, may well have driven down Trump's support.

No president and his followers have been treated with more contempt than what have been witnessed over the last four years. Half the population has been demonized as ill-educated deplorables not knowing what is best for them. The utter arrogance and partisanship from mainstream media and Big Tech spells dire outlook for free speech and democracy. Twitter and Facebook has sided with Joe Biden and indulged in active censorship, all with flagrant impunity. Joe Biden's campaign exposed a man with cognitive disabilities and no plan or vision for a better America. He was an empty shell inspiring nothing else than division based on identity politics. His followers have rioted in the streets demonstrating contempt for law and order while they disrespect the cultural values that created the very freedom they all take for granted. Democrats elected a new president not because they believe in their candidate, but because they hate the sitting president. Mr Trump's politics, his victories and patriotic fight for all Americans were called into question, trivialized and silenced. Impeachment proceedings were initiated even before inauguration. He was called a modern Hitler and demonized in any thinkable way. Yes, his style was outside the typical envelope but he generated patriotism, national pride and hope for the future. He dared to challenge the nations who have been exploiting the good will of Western culture. He met no recognition for his work, only mockery and contempt.

Now, the future hinges on a tired man with declining faculties, a man that will be ruled by the far left on the political spectrum. Joe Biden is calling for national unity, something he declined the sitting president. I think not. The US nation will not heal in the foreseeable future.

The White House is said to have a nice basement where Joe can sit undisturbed for the next four years, while Kamala turns the ship sharply to the left.

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