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Western future - Taxes and Regulations

Not only the US but the entire Western world is in trouble. President Biden, the self-proclaimed "adult in the room," has undeniably declining mental faculties, appearing outright senile during some events. His administration consists of left-wing radicals driven by Machiavellian lust for power and disdain for its citizens. The Democrats feared a red wave taking 40-50 seats in the House and losing the Senate, but there was ultimately only a ripple in the political water. The red wave was crushed by a massive increase in mail-in balloting and a change of voting laws.

More than 70% of Americans think the nation is heading in the wrong direction. No surprise there. After all, the US is plagued with the following:

· Financial war and possibly a shooting war against Russia.

· Weaponizing government agencies against political opponents.

· Record crime.

· Record inflation.

· Rising interest rates.

· Massive illegal immigration.

· Brainwashing school children with transgender theory and critical race theory.

· No political accountability for past mistakes.

More Americans have voted for Joe Biden's Democrats than Barak Obama, but 70% of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. How the vote counts correspond to these simple metrics is incomprehensible. Still, few are pointing to voting irregularities, and even fewer are questioning that some blue states are counting ballots weeks after election day. "Election day" is a thing of the past. The Democrats have replaced it with "Election month."

The counting is ongoing one week after the election, and it is unclear whether the Republicans will take the House. Nonetheless, only a minor majority will not be enough to change the political direction, let alone change anything for the better.

Joe Biden's election strategy was mainly to stay out of sight and shower his electorate with promises of perpetual free stuff. Many Democrat candidates followed the same plan refusing to take part in debates. Instead, they spent millions on "sound good" advertising with Soros's money. American independents failed to see that the White House and the media propaganda ministries are soiled with lies and deceit.

Even Democrats have considered Biden a liability, but the election strategy worked well to everyone's bafflement. Understandably, the Democratic camp is now euphoric. The 2022 midterms have convincingly demonstrated that a growing number of voters are easily duped into believing anything, simply too complacent to see the dangers caused by increased Democratic power, and they have little inclination to find out what the long time consequences are.

The GOP lost the election, and there is plenty of blame to go around. The days and months ahead will probably identify where they failed, but we, the baby boomers, must also accept responsibility. Our generation has since birth benefitted from an unprecedented rise in living standards, but we have failed to teach our children the values of family, hard work, capitalism, and self-reliance. Is it not true that we have created little princes and princesses, of whom many grew up to become single leftist narcissistic monsters with no respect or appreciation for what made Western nations great? Millennials and Gen Z demand safe spaces, working from home, and government freebies. They believe public discord is hate speech and civil liberties are a given, not worth defending. The USA, and Europe for that matter, has peaked economically, culturally, and socially. The big question is whether we are beyond the point of no return.

Unlike the strongly united Democrats, the Republican party is divided and struggles with infighting, where GOP leader McConnel has demonstrated that he prefers Democrat candidates over Republicans he fears will threaten his position as party leader. Even worse, he denounces 40% of his electorate - the MAGA supporters. Former President Trump has announced that he will run in 2024. It is an open question of who will benefit the most from his decision - Democrats or Republicans?

Demographics spells a dire future conservatism. The Democratic voter base will expand with indoctrinated young, woke liberals, while the Republican party, dominated by the oldest citizens, will shrink in number for every election. When Democrats have regained complete control of the House and Senate, the next step to tyranny is to get rid of the filibuster, pack the courts and finally give voting rights to nearly 20 million illegal immigrants. Once that is done, there is no possibility for Republicans ever to win an election again.

Life can be a grim business. After birth, we face only two certainties – taxes and death. Demographic changes spell a dire future for free-market capitalism and civil liberties. Whether you are a Western European or American – the future is about higher taxes and more regulations.

Productive Americans having the wrong party affiliation should prepare for 87 000 new IRS agents coming after middle-class savings and income. Europeans have already shot themselves in the foot with destructive green policies, declining economic output, and a looming collapse of the Euro. They can look forward to new Windfall taxes and the reintroduction of Wealth Taxes intended for enemies of the state - "the rich," meaning anyone earning more than a government-paid teacher. Politicians know voters will always support taxes they think only their neighbor will pay.

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