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US humiliated

Totalitarian China, and some will add Russia to the same description, are two significant powers following the US development closely. The Biden administration has confidently announced to the world that the US "is back in the political arena" after allegedly fours years of absence. Biden has promised to build national unity but has made aggressive use of presidential orders while blaming former President Trump's followers for all national ills. His diplomatic skills have already proven disastrous.

Mr Biden did the unprecedented act of calling Mr Putin "a stone cold killer" a short time before his Administration prepared to meet the Chinese officials in Anchorage, Alaska. The Chinese arrived well prepared for an event filmed and witnessed by a world audience. The result was devastating to the US delegation. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared unprepared and entirely out of his depths. I have never seen the like of it. The Chinese destroyed the US delegation by simply calling out US domestic problems of racism and inequity in the US. After all, the Democrats have for a long time claimed the US is inherently racist and oppressive. Hence, Blinken had no viable defence against Chinese allegations. Blinken earned no respect from neither Americans nor Chinese, and rightfully so. The Chinese delegation disregarded protocol, mocked, ridiculed and reprimanded Blinken, and got away scot-free.

Chinese newspapers are now vehemently glouting and pointing to the US as a weakening force. So, thank you very much Joe Biden, for giving this easy propaganda victory to China. You have succeeded in driving Russia and China together against the US while you have exposed a cabinet of inexperienced and weak officials not fit for purpose. You have in one week made China more confident and stronger than any time before.

To drive the American self-confidence even lower, President Biden gave a press conference on March 25. The event was a sad and embarrassing spectacle suggesting the President suffers cognitive decline and possibly even dementia. Americans hoped and wanted President Biden to show that he can stand on his own two feet and answer real questions with energy and conviction, but no such thing happened. The whole thing was entirely scripted, yet Biden's decline and ineptitude were there for all to see.

I have no pleasure in stating the situation - The leader of the free world is messed up, and the Democrats know it. However, no one is allowed to talk about it. The White House charade continues while it is crystal clear that the Administration lacks confidence, competence and the resolve required to reinvigorate the national vitality Americans used to be proud of.

The progressive leftists demonstrate little understanding or interest in geopolitics. It is all about domestic narratives aiming to consolidate party power over individuals. Joe Biden's decline moves them closer to one of their ultimate objectives – to move the Trojan Horse Kamala Harris into the White House. American strength is slowly becoming a mere footnote to the past.

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