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Ursula von der Leyen - The EU embarrassment

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Many Europeans are increasingly dissatisfied with a system not even close to expectations. The EU provides for globalist elites at the expense of ordinary working men and women who suffer the consequences in an oppressive and undemocratic system not fit for purpose.

The British wriggled out of the EU straight jacket to pursue opportunities not available through the EU. Unelected EU leaders have offered repeated failures on the bigger issues. Let us examine the top cat of them all, the Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. How is she doing in her work to do good for Europeans?

Ms Leyen entered German politics with a background serving the woke agenda. She was a Brussel native who reared seven children while earning a medical degree on the side. Hence, her initial CV portrays her as a Wonderwoman with unlimited capabilities. Before Angela Merkel in 2019 gave her the top seat in Brussel, she acted as the first female German defence minister from 2013. German press leaves no illusion to the fact that Ms Leyen failed dismally in her job. She got her priorities wrong and the German forces spiralled into further decline.

Former European Parliament President Martin Schulz and other politicians are quite reluctant to criticise Ms Leyen publicly. Nonetheless, Mr Schulz and other critics hold nothing back explaining the dire situation for German forces.

"The Bundeswehr's condition is catastrophic. The entire defence capability of the Federal Republic is suffering. There is neither enough personnel nor material, and often one confronts shortage upon shortage. The troops are far from being fully equipped." Auditors confirm that reality is worse than picked up by media. Ms Leyen left the German armed forces in a shambles.

The German Army became the laughing stock when a tank unit used broomsticks during a 2015 NATO exercise in Norway. 100% of their submarines could not take to the sea.

At the presentation of the Bundeswehr's annual report in 2018, Hans-Peter Bartels, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, said: "There is large-scale mismanagement in all areas." According to the report, less than half of the army's major weapons and equipment systems were ready for deployment, and there was a widespread shortage of spare parts.

The German historian Riner Zitelmann reported that Ms Leyen predicated strong beliefs in woke ideas. The armed forces needed equipment and spare parts but got more immigrants, women and people with different sexual orientations. Five years with ms Leyen at the helm exacerbated problems and served as no antidotes to political incompetence.

Moreover, Ms Leyen faces allegations of systematic corruption during her reign as defence minister, and there is an ongoing investigation about her wrongdoings. Her shrinking number of supporters blame Ms Leyen's failures on misogyny in a male-dominated environment while Ms Leyen herself blames her predecessors. The red thread in Ms Leyen's political career is "plausible denial", something she may have learnt from the Joe Biden family, who had great success with the same strategy before the 2020 US presidential election.

Ms Leyen convinced the EU to leave national vaccine programs securing the Brussel bureaucracy to do the job. Brussel was not up to the task and failed dismally but accepted no responsibility for the mess she made. She nearly triggered international condemnation when she invoked an emergency clause in the Brexit agreement designed to reimpose border checks between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Her objective was to force the vaccine producer AstraZeneca to abandon contractual obligations to the UK, prioritising the EU. This plan backfired. It became clear that Ms Leyen had panicked and overextended when her negligence became exposed. One should expect some humility from Ms Leyen, but she accepted no responsibility or criticism. Instead, she went on the attack and blamed others. She has offered a feeble and unemotional excuse. Few add any significance to an excuse made under duress by Angela Merkel.

Ms Leyen epitomises what is wrong with the instincts of unelected European bureaucrats in Brussel. They perpetually praise themselves when the political sea is calm, even for successes they have no part in. When things go wrong, and crises materialise, she deflects criticism away from herself. Gross negligence and catastrophic misjudgements seem to be systemic throughout her political career. In Brussel, she continues to prove that she is many numbers too small for the job. She is just unable to bring anything to the table. Her predecessor Herbert Junker was considered incompetent, but he was a very likeable man. Some say Ms Leyen is equally or worse but without the attractive personality traits of her predecessor.

EU sceptics should be very grateful to Ms Leyen's arrival in EU politics. After all, her many failures and general mismanagement proves an EU bureaucracy that destroys everything it touches. Her trail of disasters empowers political movements fighting to reestablish national sovereignty over a failing European superstate. There is an endless supply of failed politicians on their way to a career in the EU bureaucracy. We should all offer them a heartily welcome. Arrogance and disrespect for national identities will help speed up the ultimate demise of the EU project.

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