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The Man who nominated BLM for the Peace Prize

As many have heard by now, BLM is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Many former nominations appear ridiculous, seen through lenses of the historical knowledge we have today. Some examples:

A German and a French academic nominated Benito Mussolini in 1936. Josef Stalin in 1945 and 1948, quite a few years before it became known for the world that he killed tens of million individuals. A member of the Swedish Parliament nominated Adolf Hitler in 1939, but allegedly it was later claimed to be a joke. A Norwegian MP (Labour) favoured Fidel Castro in 2001.

Who can nominate for the Peace Prize?

University professors, directors of foreign policy institutes, past recipients of a Nobel Prize, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee members are among those deemed qualified to submit a nomination for the prize. In other words: Political elites and academics may promote a nomination.

So, who is this Norwegian MP who thinks that a Marxist violent organization deserves a peace prize?

You may have guessed already that he is not a political moderate in any sense of the word. His name is Petter Eide. He is a member of a radical left party named SV, which translates to "Socialistic Left Party". He says that he is "very touched" by BLM as a global movement. When challenged on BLM intolerance and criminal activities, he dismisses the violence as provoked by police and far-right groups. Western mainstream media spews out the same narrative - BLM rioters are peaceful protesters representing the good in our societies. Sure they deserve a peace prize for looting, arson attacks, and the killing of innocent people.

Mr Eide's party has a long history in Norwegian politics but is a small party with only 8% support. The political manifesto roots in a progressive left ideology. It is all about diversity, gender, LBTQ, environmentalism, big government, and higher taxes.

Norwegians joke about SV to be the party for "social grievances and envy". The popular saying is "If possible; they would tax sex". Apart from the sex, BLM ideology finds many parallels to SV's political manifesto. SV was at one time led by a full-blooded communist, Gerd-Liv Valla, who in the sixties promoted armed revolution aiming to turn Norway into a communist dictatorship in the image of Stalin's Soviet Union. Neither SV nor other Norwegian political parties have yet instigated political violence, like we have seen from the US.

The story of Mr Eide has an exciting twist. As a member of Parliament, he was nominated number three by his party. In December 2020, he lost his position to a 26 year old kid, a political activist indoctrinated in political youth camps and university – an attractive background for left-wing parties. It seems Mr. Eide, an older white man, a visual representation of the "patriarchal tyranny" has been "cancelled" by his own people. Mr Eide has complained about unfair treatment, but SV maintains "fair play by a democratic process." 38 years of loyal work for his party is no protection when the left feeds on its tail.

The BLM nomination has raised eyebrows across the political spectre. Few will miss his departure from Parliament.

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