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The Great Reset - Deconstruction of Capitalism

This article was issued august 3, 2020 on

World Economic Forum (WEF), represented by Klaus Schwab (Founder Executive Chairman) seems to have embarked on a major quest to reshape the world with the plan “The Great Reset”. The plan seems to have drawn little attention from media.

From the WEF internet site, we learn that Mr Schwab predicts failure and death of capitalism the way we know it. He states

If we fail to address and fix the deep-rooted ills of our societies and economies, there will be a heightened risk that, as throughout history, ultimately a reset will be imposed by violent shocks like conflicts and even revolutions. It is incumbent upon us to take the bull by the horns. The pandemic gives us this chance: it represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world”.

The prescribed medicine is more governmental control, higher taxes and more social justice based on diversity and environmentalism. He describes a plan containing three key components to make the world better:

· Steering towards equal outcome

· Equality and sustainability

· Harnessing technology

It is important to point out the words he is using. As with all good intentions, they sound good at first, but a deeper look into the arguments, we see an emerging pattern of woke and Marxist cultural ideas. Moreover, Mr Schwab’s grand scheme has some shocking elements. He justifies bigger government, more control, all in the name of equality, green sustainability, and social justice.

Successful key Western institutions have contributed to unprecedented economic and social prosperity since the industrial revolution. They have lifted more people out of poverty than any system before. Children of new generations have earned a higher standard of living than parents, excluding times of wars or economic shock. Populations in Western democracies have much to be grateful for. Nevertheless, Conservative values have fallen short of our youngest adult generation and it seems they are infested with Marxist ideology and general discontent with our cultural successes. WEF ideas find solid traction with discontented groups in society.

Statutes claim WEF to be an independent organization with Article 4 stating to be impartiality free from ideology. This is highly questionable. WEF does not attempt to hide that equal opportunity is no longer good enough. The Great Reset sails towards the utopian narrative of equal outcome. Furthermore, future employers shall hire people based on gender, race, and sexuality, rather than competence and ability. Such an idea should make the hair stand up on conservative necks.

Cultural Marxists have for generations worked to take control over key institutions in society, and in the UK they have succeeded with BBC, schools and universities, the Church, the judicial system, and lately the police who is forced to do Unconscious Bias Training. This can partially explain why the police made a knee in front of Black Lives street Matter mobs.

The very historical fact that every society that embraced Marxism, not only failed but failed dismally with incredible sufferings, seem not to dismay the self-righteousness of WEF. The Great Reset has a narrative packed with platitudes without any meaning to ordinary people. We may be tempted to dismiss it all, as yet another grandiose scheme of good intentions, but for those of us believing in free markets, these ideas are nothing short of terrifying. WEF has considerable influence over political decisions, and The Great Reset serves as a solid political justification for more globalism, more and higher taxes, and less individual freedom and liberty. We already know that the idea of new taxes and more restrictions is gaining popularity among political leaders and IMF.

We should make no mistake about WEF’s true intentions. Despite woke and virtuous ideas, The Great Reset is not about caring for the poor or saving the planet. The ultimate goal is sinister – It is about self-interests, bigger government and more power to the political class. Virtue signalling is the tool that legitimates radical changes to come. Ordinary taxpayers and private sector businesses have all the reasons to fear the future.

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