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War escalations

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Russia, China, and the other BRICS countries realize that the West will do anything possible to punish ideological adversaries. The highly arrogant "either you are with us or against us attitude" contributes to rising global anti-West sentiments. The US decision to de-SWIFT and seize Russian dollar reserves made it abundantly clear that the dollar is a weapon. The Ukrainian debacle has demonstrated that the West is also willing to pick a fight with a nuclear superpower over issues having no relevance to the interests of Western populations. We are "ad nauseam," told that aggressive actions are necessary to defend our "democracies". Past Western failures in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are all forgotten, let alone the intentions of the US founding fathers, who aimed for a modest republic with limited centralized power and no imperial aspirations.

Western media has evidently prostituted itself to woke leftwing ideology. Journalists have effectively become activists telling us that Russia is the devil, while the utterly corrupt Ukraine has become more virtuous than the pope himself. Of course, the narrative is not only false but also delusional. It is clear that Washington and most of Congress hate Russia. A significant reason is that Putin rejects the Western "rules-based order" and US exploitation of the dollar hegemony. Putin seeks to build prosperity on Russian cultural traditions, ie. exactly the values the West no longer defends. Putin promotes a national identity by commending the good in Russian culture and history. In contrast, Biden and his vice president do the exact opposite when they repeatedly denounce the US as a nation built on "systemic racism and white supremacy".

A war between nations with significant military capabilities does not start on an impulse. Wars are the result of steadfast political decisions to escalate tensions. Washington and its NATO allies have chosen aggressive escalation over diplomacy - a dangerous path where both Russia and NATO may find themselves unable to avoid catastrophic scenarios, including nuclear war. Nevertheless, the warmongering President Biden, Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Boris Johnson, Jens Stoltenberg, Annalena Baerbock, and others, seem blind to the obvious dangers of escalation.

Let us look briefly at some of the escalatory events leading up to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

US Secretary of State James Baker promised Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 that NATO would not "expand one inch eastwards". Since then, 14 countries have joined NATO. President Bush jr. doubled down on Western hostility when he 2008 declared Ukraine and Georgia should join NATO. Russia had beforehand explicitly defined this as a red line. Russia responded by invading Georgia. Obama followed up when he staged the 2014 coup d'etat in Ukraine and removed a democratically elected pro-Russian president with the US puppet Poroshenko. The Russian response was the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The 2015 Minsk peace agreement, guaranteed by Germany and France, brought hope for peace, yet the US did everything possible to sabotage it for the next 7 years. Germany's Angela Merkel admitted to Die Zeit in 2022 that the agreement was merely to buy time allowing Ukraine to prepare for war. Zelensky was initially oriented towards peace with Russia when he took the reigns in 2019. Still, it seems the minority of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists succeeded in pressuring him to declare Russia the main enemy in 2021. Zelensky enacted a "Strategy for the Deoccupation and reintegration of Crimea" promoting military actions against Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Russia pre-empted when starting the "limited military operation" in 2022. Peace negotiations were initiated only three days into the invasion. However, Kyiv suddenly withdrew from the talks under pressure from UK's PM Boris Johnson who sabotaged a peaceful settlement on a NATO promise to help Ukraine secure a victory on the battlefield.

Retired Major General Harald Kujat blames NATO allies for stabbing Germany and Europe in the back by sabotaging the peace agreement. Today, he could likely also have added the gas supply lines that the Western alliance, by any logic, blew up to disrupt vital gas flows from Russia to Germany.

The controversial Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymor Hersh, claims in his report that the US and Norway covertly sabotaged Putin's gas pipes to Germany on September 26. 2022. The complex mission was planned for months ahead and succeeded by the use of special force EOD deep divers who placed the explosives. Later the explosives were set off remotely by a sonar buoy landed by a P8 surveillance aircraft. This is bombshell news because it is an "act of war" against ally Germany. The political implications are huge but legacy media has dismissed the story and remained silent on the matter. If this bombshell story turns out to be true it is politically devastating for president Biden and the political establishment in Norway.

Norwegian special forces from MJK and MDK may have contributed, indirectly or directly to sabotage the pipelines. Photo: MDK diver in training (


The sad and immoral fact is that Washington is not "helping" the Ukrainians. Ukrainian blood is sacrificed in a dangerous, immoral, and futile attempt to cripple and dismember Russia and its political leadership. Military analysts with field experience and integrity, admit difficulties in giving precise assessments, but maintain that Ukraine is on the brink of military collapse with no prospects of victory. Legacy media still seems adamant about a Ukrainian victory, but the confidence is fading rapidly in Zelensky's never-ending desperate demands for more weapons and money.

Irrespective of what happens in Ukraine, there is one undeniable fact: Western media and political class proved themselves delusional and incompetent during the Covid debacle. Now it doubles down, acting like toddlers playing with matches – unable or unwilling to acknowledge the disastrous consequences of their actions.

If there is any sanity and courage left among our elected leaders, it is due time to defy the warmongers in Washington and stop this madness before it is too late. All it takes Washington is a phone call telling Zelensky it is over – no more arms or dollars shall flow to the Ukrainian "black hole".

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