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The fall of higher education

US elite universities have finally convinced us that Western higher education has descended into a quagmire of cultural and educational decay. The display of incompetence and stupidity among professors, administrators, and students alike is overwhelming and can no longer be denied. Parents of teenagers are well advised to think twice about sending children to elite universities. There is a high probability that your son or daughter will return home permeated with radical ideologies and little ability to take responsibility for their own lives.  

My former North Carolina neighbor exemplified my point when he admitted having seen his daughter praising Hamas and Islamism during a campus demonstration. He was shocked and mad as hell, having what he perceived as “wasted his savings” on his daughter’s education. His story is not unique, many loving parents are in despair having paid for useless degrees and the indoctrination of their children into radical hateful ideologues with no tolerance for opposing views. In extreme cases the children return home, despising their parents and the core values of Western democratic societies.  

We still do not know who organizes and controls the campus demonstrations and we can at this moment only make an educated guess. Now, after the police have arrested most of the protesters, we learn that many are not even students but paid agitators. Clothing, face covering, and homemade protective gear have bearings towards Antifa and BLM protestors and some have already argued that the campus protestors are simply an extension of BLM, a vile Marxist organization driven by innate hate for anything reminiscent of whiteness, particularly white heterosexual men. So, there is ample reason to think that Soros's money is involved.

X has recently shown images of young, privileged university women taking part in a Muslim prayer on campus. This act of anti-Western virtue signaling must be the pinnacle of ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. Still, the video on X where a young activist female student took offense when Muslim men told her to wear the hijab after she “converted”, is simply a priceless testament to the rampant destruction of higher education.

Unlike the civil rights movement of the 1960s, today’s activist students lack understanding of the issues they champion. Their actions seem to be driven primarily by emotions rather than well-informed perspectives. Furthermore, they exhibit audacity by criticizing the very culture that has provided them with numerous privileges. These students are spoiled brats with narcissistic traits, destroyed by privilege and entitlements. Their concern for the Palestinians is false, their real motivation is the hate they feel for the success of others. Moreover, our two-tiered justice system will most likely exempt them from prosecution because they are leftists “fighting a good cause” while Jan 6 protesters from the right are still hunted down and prosecuted with extreme vigor. Equality before the law is only an empty phrase.

As someone who pursued higher education myself, I find it perplexing that students today spend days and weeks protesting instead of studying. Back in the eighties, when I was preparing for exams, the norm was to lock ourselves in our chambers and focus solely on studying. However, the current trend of prolonged campus demonstrations suggests that leftwing students face no consequences for their actionsIn fact, Professors will grade student performance by other than merit, and future employers will hire on DEI quotas alone. Leftwing radicals have become a protected class - granted impunity for what conservatives and patriots would swiftly face consequences, if not prosecution.

So, what good news is there? Not much, but we should note that the woke Irish PM Leo Varadkar resigned when he attempted to redefine the definition of “family” and “women” in the 87-year-old constitution. Also, the UK health services came to their senses when they finally concluded that there are only two biological sexes. Third, the utter racist anti-white Scottish PM Humza Yousef resigned to avoid being ousted by a no-confidence vote.

So, there is hope for common sense after all?

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