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The Covid Hysteria

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Western countries are heading in the wrong direction. Sinister forces exploit opportunities created by the alleged crises of Covid, climate and social injustice. Failing elites stoke fear and mislead populations into believing that politicians can protect us from all perils in life. Governments promising to take care of us from cradle to grave are demotivate personal responsibility - all by doubling down on authoritarian measures destroying personal freedom. Mainstream media supports draconic measures and do its best to smear the unvaccinated as selfish, a burden on society and a threat to the vaccinated.

The probability of succumbing to the Covid disease is minute unless you have underlying health issues. An Oxford study[i] concludes that lockdowns do not work other than throwing economies out in the most severe recession since World War II, adding to already many adverse consequences not predicted by our elected leaders. The latest Norwegian research[ii] finds that vaccines do not reduce deaths, but vaccinated patients are hospitalised shorter time. The same goes for public mask-wearing. Masks have marginal protective effects[iii], but only when used correctly, which most users are not trained or motivated to do. Moreover, vaccinates do not protect you from contracting the virus or prevent you from spreading it.

Still, Western rulers are in panic mode, stoking unwarranted fears while pushing more authoritarian measures that do not work. Politicians are utterly blind to the simple fact that they are impotent in the face of many natural phenomena. Political dictates do not prevent viruses from spreading, nor can global temperature cycles or social justice be adjusted or engineered to fit political narratives.

Conservatives were expected to stand up against tyrannical forces but they have slept for decades. They woke up to the noise from Brexit and the Trump presidency, only to find that our youngest adults and future voters[iv] no longer seem to think that capitalism and civil liberties are essential to welfare and prosperity. Western institutions have effectively succumbed to a silent revolution where unelected left-wing liberals have taken over the courts, military, academia and other civil services. It remains only to defeat the few governments still ruled by conservative parties before the left can celebrate total victory.

Most of us who are old enough to remember when cultural unity and patriotism created thriving communities have naively believed that civil liberties could only be threatened by foreign military forces. How wrong we were. Social justice, genderism, greenery, equity and illegal immigration are all threats created by domestic movements representing «feel good» utopian ideas based on irrational thinking originated by radical professors in academia. Progressivism[v] has banned intellectual diversity in universities and colleges.

We have recently learnt that the EU country Austria has decided to coerce the unvaccinated to take the double jabs in exchange for basic freedoms. Austria has become the first country in Europe to make the Covid vaccine compulsory. Refusers will be fined and eventually imprisoned. This is a shocking and shameful attack on bodily autonomy.

Other European nations ought to be disgusted with Austria, but silence proves they are contemplating to throw their own unvaccinated in the burning pit.

Across Europe, we are now witnessing civilised societies giving way to panic and totalitarianism. Austria is criminalising the unvaccinated, Dutch police have fired live rounds on anti-lockdown demonstrators, while other countries require vaccine passports to go about daily business. An English boarding school has even requested children to wear a yellow badge[vi] to show exempt from using a face mask – an echo from Nazism. We are fast approaching a two-tier society where one group is defined as social lepers while others are granted temporary freedom. Temporary, because lockdowns and masks may soon be mandated for the common flu and colds. Health is no longer an individual responsibility.

Some of the countries employing the most severe measures are now going through the fifth wave of infections. How long will it take for weak politicians and corrupt media to understand that masks and lockdowns just delay the spread? Covid will not go away before every one of us have been exposed to the virus. Abuse of political emergency powers creates consequences far worse than what comes from the virus itself, not least the collapse of economic output and the accelerating number of undiagnosed terminal diseases.

There is a myriad of unsolved issues calling for political leadership. Politicians should be working day and night to solve the real problems threatening Western democracies. Sadly, the greatest threat is feckless political elites, subjugating citizens to tyrannical rules. Forced vaccination and mask mandates are causing mayhem and destruction with no evidence of positive outcomes.

Social interaction with other people is a basic need of mankind and government disrespect for personal autonomy has opened the road to a dystopian future. Suppose Western populations fail to stand up against this madness. In that case, we will soon learn that imprisonment awaits not only the unvaccinated but any voice not in line with the ruling orthodoxy.


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