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President Trump - His Courage gave remarkable Victories

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Washington elites are in effect politically and intellectually bankrupt. They have nothing to offer its electoral base except woke ideology, cheap lies and propaganda, all in the pretense of defending democracy. Democracy must be the most abused word in American politics.

President Donald Trump was never a part of the Washington elite class who work to preserve themselves before the nation. He was an outsider that promised to drain the swamp and "rough things up." He failed the draining but succeeded to scare the hell out of Washington DC, Big Tech and Media. Democrat and Republican RINOs feared to lose their privileges. When they realized the new President acted on his promises, the resentment turned into hate.

Republicans went initially along with his presidency, reluctantly pretending to support his efforts. Now when he has formally lost the election, Republican Judases are lining up to denounce their President, a leader who has won them more votes than any Republican president before. The rats are jumping the sinking ship, some of them already siding with political opponents in fear of being labeled heretics by the new orthodoxy emerging from the left. Loyalty is between swamp creatures only.

Despite a lot of enthusiasm from his followers, President Trump faced an incredible tall order no matter his policies. The Dems deployed the national security apparatus to do unlawful surveillance of Trump even before he won the 2016 election. Clinton money paid for and created the Russia-collusion hoax that led to the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment farce - all sinister political attacks based on groundless hearsay from dubious individuals.

The Senate FISA Abuse Investigation transcripts prove the FBI knew early that the Steele Dossier was fabricated on false intelligence. It was leaked to news media with the intent to distract and divert public attention from Clinton's emerging email scandal where she misused a private server, something that would be an impeachable offense if she won the 2016 election. It is a disturbing revelation that the Obama&Clinton sphere was able to exploit the FBI for personal gains against a political adversary, all with impunity. The Joe Biden presidency will make sure there will be no indictments or prosecutions for the criminal acts perpetrated.

President Trump declassified the transcripts only a few days before he leaves office. Why did he not do so last year when it could have influenced the election in his favor? We may never know the answer, but it must be fair to say that his inner circle failed to offer the correct advice, as they have done so many times before in his presidency. It proves how difficult it can be for a non-swamp President to find reliable and loyal cabinet members.

The witch-hunt for President Trump and his followers culminated with the Capitol Hill debacle and now a second impeachment based on heated emotions with no proper investigations. The impeachment relies on a 76-page report attempting to create evidence of incitement to riots. The evidence seems to depend on media news reports retrieved from anonymous sources.

Alan Dershowitz, who defended President Trump during the first impeachment, argues that the House violated both the First Amendment and "substantive impeachment criteria" laid out in the US Constitution, along with outlining several other constitutional and due process concerns. The impeachment is nothing but show trial and political theater.

The Democrats are incessantly pursuing national destruction over honest work for the betterment of American lives. Impeachment 2 is another mockery of the Constitution exposing the US as a political circus, open for worldwide ridicule and resentment.

Democrats are deeply divided with increased internal stress. The hate for President Trump gives a common purpose for the party. Once President Trump leaves office, there may be no glue to hold the Democrat party together against a common enemy. That may well be the time when the beast starts eating its tail.

The Dems and Big Media pulled every sinister trick in the book to cripple the Trump Presidency. President Trump demonstrated incredibly courage when he took on challenges other presidents should have done, but never did. Despite an uphill struggle faced by no president before him, President Trump served remarkable accomplishments and political victories.

  • He confronted China, a totalitarian regime not playing by the rules.

  • He increased Blue Collar employment rates.

  • He challenged NATO members to honor their promises to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense.

  • He cut through bureaucracy and yielded two COVID vaccines, five times faster than usual.

  • He coordinated the Abraham Accords – four peace agreements between Israel and Arabic nations.

  • He scrapped the nuclear deal with Iran.

  • He dumped the Paris Climate Accord.

  • He reduced the inflow of illegal immigrants.

  • He did not start any new wars.

  • He exposed Media bias and hypocrisy.

  • He made Big-Tech oligarchs expose their real face - anti-American megalomaniacs.

Most of us have experienced, one time or more, that that life is not fair. People will probably remember President Trump for being impeached twice, not for his political victories and his efforts to do good. Some pundits say that a small personal adjustment on Mr Trump's behavior could have saved the US from Joe Biden, a declining older man who has sold his soul to radical left ideology.

Fox’s Ari Fleischer said:

President Trump's biggest problem was and is himself. He regularly went too far, crossed too many lines, and offended too many people. If he had toned himself down a notch or three, he could have kept many of the voters who liked his tough, blunt approach without losing as many women and college graduates, especially in the suburbs, who were turned off by his tweets and his demeaning behavior.

I think Mr. Fleischer is wrong. President Trump was under continuous attack from people who wished nothing else than for the President to fail his mission. Small adjustments could never defeat unconstitutional and criminal acts from the Democrats and Media.

The ones who have listened to both sides regarding the election disputes know the presence of evidence suggesting voter fraud and general corruption in the system. There are thousands of sworn affidavits, Dominion machine investigations, videotapes, scientific analyses, and last but certainly not least, the Hunter Bidens's laptop. Free and democratic societies promote both sides of the argument. The evidence should be open for all to evaluate long before the election. But corrupt politicians, newsrooms, oligarchs and media networks applied censorship and suppressed any information harmful to their agenda - a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Congress is obliged to uphold the law and should have scrutinized the evidence by thoughtful debate and objective analysis, but they failed to do so in fear of what they might learn – so they took the easy way out. Supported by mainstream press they dismissed it all as conspiracy theories or simply "baseless" or "false" – a quick fix exposing no respect for legitimate public concerns.

The courts did not do better in defense of election integrity. The Supreme Court crumbled under pressure and lacked the courage to do its job. Jurors stopped the legal case on lack of standing, locus standi, a legal term based on a technicality, not because the evidence lacked merit.

Once a beacon of democratic freedom and a devoted defender of civil liberties, a corrupt political class has turned the US into an Orwellian nightmare.

The failure to investigate and debate the fraud allegations, at the same time aggressively attempting to silence justified questions is a massive coordinated cover-up. It will hang over the Joe Biden Presidency as a dark toxic cloud. Joe Biden's favorite self-preservation tools, "plausible deniability " and "Russian disinformation," have served him well but cannot protect him forever. Truth tends to come back with a vengeance.

Meantime, maybe we can find some comfort in Winston C. Churchill, who once said during the second world war:

"The Americans will always do the right thing, but not before they have exhausted all other options first".

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