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Math has become Racism

The California Education Department is considering the implementation of a statewide program that stems from Critical Race Theory. The program is named "A pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction". The program offers tools for teachers in the practical approach to Math teaching. The manual was paid for by one of the Bill Gates foundations.

The manual consists of 5 parts with a total of 187 pages. Part 1, "Dismantling Racism in Mathematics", talks of "white supremacy" 47 times while racism is mentioned 98 times. Astonishing enough, the manual explains that getting the correct answer when solving math problems is racist and oppressive to minorities. Traditional teaching methods are thrown under the bus as acts of "white supremacy".

Jonathan Butcher from the Heritage Foundation explained in an interview with Bill O'Reilly:

This equitable math can be linked to the new ethnic studies program in California. The same things are happening in North Carolina with social studies, in Illinois with a teacher training certification program. They're connected by the ideas that there is no authentic truth, that finding the facts don't matter, that experience matters more. Teachers learn to train students for resistance. They're being trained to be revolutionaries effectively and here, even in the case of math. It's not just math, it's civics and other subjects. If these children aren't learning, they are told it doesn't matter. They want to keep these children ignorant, angry, and misinformed. Then they are trained in one thing — to be revolutionaries.

The manual in question proves there has been a horrendous cultural shift in our educational institutions. We have known for several years now that universities and colleges are infested with a Marxist ideology focusing on class warfare and social injustices. Now, the left has been plotting to extend the toxic ideologies to our youngest children. The California program is based on critical race theory and targets 6-8 graders. Teachers on the public dole will tell children that honest intellectual effort doesn't matter. If they fail to achieve good results in math, it is no fault of their own. They are victims of racism and white supremacy. The consequences from CRT can do nothing but create further racial division and spells a dire future for schoolchildren who fall victim to this ideology. It brainwashes our children into believing that race permeates everything in our society. Minorities are told to identify as victims to justify life-long benefit claims rather than pursuing their own interests to become productive citizens.

I thought the cultural decline in Western nations could not become much worse than it already is. The California project proves I was clearly wrong in that anticipation.

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