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Georgia Voter Fraud - The Numbers

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

2020 will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Civil liberties have been taken from us, and the woke idiocy has kicked into high gear with the political class openly supporting destructive movements as Antifa and BLM. Mainstream media has turned in to a ministry of self-proclaimed truth, and opposing views are censored or hunted down with the intent to crush heretics who dare to challenge group thinking. Moreover, we have witnessed Democrats calling for more censorship during the Big Tech Senate hearings, something I find deeply disturbing in a Western democracy such as the US. It should strike a chord with anyone caring for civil liberties.

On the brighter side, UK has succeeded to secure a Brexit deal. National populism fought heroically, persevered and won against the political establishment that did everything it could to reject the will of the people. Britain stands out as the only shining star in Western democracy, proving it is still possible for the working class and other "deplorables" to force their will on the elites, all by peaceful means.

The democratic situation in the US is the opposite. The November 3rd presidential election was allegedly won by Joe Biden, a declining older man seemingly without ideas for the nation he seeks to lead. He flipped key swing states by the narrowest of margins, receiving more votes than anyone before him, an astonishing feat considering the counting showed he was well behind Mr Trump early evening of the election night. President Trump and many of his supporters have vigorously contested the result before the courts, so far with no success. Although this is the "American way" of resolving disputes, Mr Trump has been demonized for taking his case to the courts. Democrat Al Gore was praised for doing same in the 2000 election.

Rudy Giuliani has been a key legal figure maintaining election fraud as the reason for Joe Biden's alleged win. Mr Giuliani's background from dealing with corruption over many decades should alone serve him respect and credibility, but media has chosen to dismiss him a luny and conspiracy theorist. Knowing that Joe Biden received enormous campaign funds from oligarch bodies like Facebook, Google and other cronies, it is no surprise to anyone that Mr Giuliani's court proceedings are censored or ridiculed by mainstream media. That is the only defence facing factual evidence. A Joe Biden presidency will reward Big Tech & Media.

The federal supreme court has already dismissed to hear the evidence proving election fraud. Not because the case was meritless, but due to lack of "standing". In law, standing or "locus standi" is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party's participation in the case. This does not mean that the Supreme Court thinks there was no credible evidence. It means they dismissed the case on a technicality because they had no courage to take on such a case. They simply feared the potential personal consequences had they chosen to rule the case.

Rudy Giuliani and his team have secured over thousand sworn affidavits as evidence of election fraud in a short time. From the perspective of the ordinary man and woman, it is very hard or even impossible to evaluate the available evidence's quality. Nevertheless, it is not contested that the media is suppressing news serving President Trump's interests and vice versa for Joe Biden. Activists disguised as journalists are feeding the public with false information or just utter silence. Journalistic integrity seems to be a memory of a distant past.

Although many of us have grown a bit tired with the US election, we should not close our eyes. There is still a constant flow of information that evades censorship. Rudy Giuliani presented a 26 min video on Youtube regarding the Georgia election fraud. He claims that big corporations and media have covered up the biggest systemic voter fraud in the US's history. The attorney maintains that the security cam video from Fulton county alone, proves blatant fraud and criminal acts. The only body with authority to rectify fraud is the state legislature, whose regard for law is in question. Mr Giuliani calls for the legislature to show courage and do the right thing.

The video presents irregularities with exact numbers of what Mr Giuliani defines as proof of election fraud in Georgia. No matter what one believes, the list is compelling reading. Every voter should study it in detail and give thought to what it all means:

Moreover, rejection rates of absentee ballot rejection dropped from previous years 3,5% to 0,34%. The election officials did not do signature verifications as required by law. Investigations show that Biden was 2,5% behind election night at 10 PM, at which time the legal ballot counting came to an abrupt stop and observers were ordered to leave the premises. All on a lie that a water pipe had sprung a leak.

Mr Giuliany concluded:

"When the Democrats realized they were losing they pumped in new votes. In the middle of the night when no one was looking, they injected 107040 votes for Biden. Democrats have stolen at least 120000 votes. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no doubt of fraud."

A total of 450.607 irregularities should shock us all. How many of these precipitate from criminal acts is not essential. What matter is how many are illegal votes in the eyes of the law. Remember that it takes only 10.000 votes to flip the Georgia election result in Mr Trump's favour.

It is hard to think that a democratic society is willing to turn the blind eye and telling people there is nothing to see here, but that is precisely what is happening. Both Democrats and quite a few Republicans' demonstrate a shameful eagerness to turn the blind eye and move on without a criminal investigation. It is a blatant disrespect for democracy and the rule of law.

Mr Giuliani and other brave law practitioners and a (few) politicians have invested a lot of personal capital in the case, risking destruction of personal reputation and legacy in the process. They deserve to be treated with respect, no matter our political views. Evidence of fraud needs to be exposed and debated openly in the free society we still hope we have. Failure to do so spells a dark future for Western democracies.

Investigative journalists: It is time to leave your comfortable studios and do your job while still having a job. Public trust in future elections depends on objectivity and unbiased news. Not being a slave of ideology, utopian ideas and wokery can save your career. We, the deplorables, can also play the "cancel game". Mainstream media will suffer the consequences when we switch to alternative media outlets.

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