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Covid - Political instrument of fear

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

If anyone asked us in March whether the covid debacle would continue well into 2021 I think most would deny so. From the moment we started realizing this could be more than just a short flu season, the elite class weighed in and sold the idea that Covid somehow could be controlled and terminated by political decree. Health officials, immunologists, epidemiologists and other "experts" seeping out of the woodwork have become the highest authorities in the land, pushed forward by feckless politicians shielding against criticism from a hysterical media. Experts have secured powers to override our civil liberties, all with impunity and arrogance. The restrictions forced on people have been extraordinary and arguably without any sound scientific basis.

The danish mask study gives evidence that there is no correlation or even causation between lockdowns and number of deaths. The Norwegian health authorities reviewed evidence from international sources and presented the report on November 20, 2020, concluding:

There is no reliable evidence of the effectiveness of non-medical facemasks in community settings.

EUROMOMO also confirms that mortality rates (Z-score) do not deviate from seasonal cycles after summer 2020. Comparing the UK to the Scandinavian nations, who introduced less draconian measures the UK, we can see that Sweden and UK had a spike in March. Norway and Denmark did not recommend masks. Still they have the same mortality rates as previous years. This suggests two things,

(1) masks do not work in the community

(2) there is currently no medical crisis in any of these countries.

Still, media and politicians ignore science and facts throughout the Western world. They distort reality while they claim to know what is best for us all. Unfortunately, they do so with great success. Western citizens have become dumbed down to a level where they offer undeserving trust in incompetent leaders, leaders incapable of exercising common sense. Rather than protecting our constitutional rights, they have ramped up on issues met by most, with complete indifference. When you no longer can pay your mortgage, let alone feed your family due to Covid restrictions, you do not care about cycling lanes, CO2 emissions, gender issues or any other woke obsession voiced by the ruling elites, or the wokeraty as some like to identify people advocating a utopia.

Initially, the arrival of Covid made us buy into the political slogan telling us that "we are all in this together". Off course this is not true. Government employees and cronies continue getting paid, many staying idle at home. Private employees and small businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, are criminalized for even trying to defend civil rights. Dissenters not buying into group thinking risk arrest by police. Lockdown supporters and left-wing media pundits demonize and humiliate with great enthusiasm, echoing: "How dare you work when it kills your grandmother?".

Western nations have developed welfare systems to protect the weak and unfortunate. Society meant this to be a way of help, not to demotivate healthy individuals for work. Even less was it constructed to support migrants doing Google searches to find the nations giving most free stuff. The creation of welfare states happened in a time of strong cultural unity when people took pride in self-reliance. Today we have neither unity nor self-reliance. The combination of open border policies and welfare states are predictably not sustainable, a claim also supported by 1976 Nobel Prize winner, Michael Friedman. Western governments panicked and decided knowingly to create unprecedented self-harm in response to Covid, so increasing already unsustainable private and public debt levels from decades of failing fiscal and monetary policies. In so doing, we are facing a lethal combination of adverse factors that can threaten the very stability of our societies. The only medicine prescribed by the incompetent woke establishment is a placebo of more lockdowns, full speed on the money press, and more taxes. The consequences from such policies do not spell a happy ending for Western societies.

Covid has demonstrated that our once democratic western societies are transgressing closer to totalitarianism and rapid cultural decline. The Left expresses increased support for censorship, group thinking and denunciation of opposing views.

In a time of Internet and unlimited access to information, one should think that people would be well equipped for constructive scrutiny enabling defence against political misleading's and lies, but it seems to be quite the opposite. Gullible populations are not interested in the learnings of history. Our privileges given to us from previous generations are taken for granted, our way of living viewed as status quo for perpetuity, not worth attention. People have become vulnerable to hysteria and fear, so accepting draconic measures with complacency. Fearmongers make weak citizens cringe into the fetal position waiting for governments to keep them out of harm's way.

Yes, Covid is dangerous to some. However, it should be quite clear that the real threat is not the virus, as is the political response creating havoc and destruction to our societies. Mandates to wear masks are not about health, it is about social control. Politicians favour fear, rather than common sense. Fear is the primary instrument to control the masses. It is time for citizens to stand up and voice their opposition. Enough is enough.

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