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Western Self Harm

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

(A rant from

In our view, the Western response to the Russo-Ukrainian war has demonstrated that ruling elites have finally taken the ultimate leave of their senses. Sane persons understand that there are multiple perspectives on complex matters and that conflicting views should be analyzed and debated before making decisions. However, public discourse has gradually been replaced by one acceptable "truth," namely that spun by political elites and their corporate media surrogates.

Recently, the EU banned Russian news agencies in Europe. The unelected EU president Von der Leyen decided "to prevent the spread of toxic and damaging misinformation." Her position rests on the notion that adults should not think for themselves. In reality, Ms. Leyen and her cronies view individual thoughts as threats against the totalitarian powers of EU rule. She wants people to be politically correct zombies.

The Biden administration has gone to even more creative ways of controlling thought and expression. Mr. Mayorka, the homeland security chief, wanted to establish a Ministry of Truth where unelected bureaucrats should be given powers to decide truth from lies. A 32-year-old leftwing liberal with narcissistic traits was appointed leader of the board. She was given unprecedented powers to tell us right from wrong. The astounding thing is that Mayorka presented the news as an accomplishment for "democracy," utterly indifferent to the dystopian consequences such a ministry would bring on First Amendment rights.

However, it became apparent that the appointed "truth" czar, Nina Jankowich, was a disinformation peddler herself. Surprise surprise. She dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story as a "Trump campaign product," and her Twitter history shows she considers conservatives as "weed that must be rooted out." She has also claimed that Mark Zuckerberg "is living in the past" for not going far enough to stamp out views she disagrees. The scrutiny led to her resignation, and as leftwing progressives always do when they face opposition, she swiftly declared herself a victim of harassment. Maybe it was "toxic masculinity" or "white rage"? For now, the "ministry of truth" is likely to metamorphose into another idea meant to crush political opposition.

It is empirically evident that the ruling class and media are quite willing to sacrifice truth to achieve political objectives. The media coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is an excellent example that the lack of honesty continues to be sacrificed by false narratives. For months, Western populations have been served propaganda, making us believe that Russia is losing the war due to Western sanctions and the flow of NATO weaponry supporting the Ukrainian defensive efforts. We have even read stories that Putin is dying from cancer, is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, his troops are demolished and defecting in droves, and Russians are on the brink of revolution. Still, it seems the Russian military is slowly grinding down Ukrainian defenses. Even US military experts admit that Ukraine is losing the war.

Ukrainians fight well but seem to lack manpower, training, and weaponry to withstand Russian firepower and determination – despite NATO support. We can only speculate what Western leaders are whispering in Zelensky's ear, but it seems evident that the Biden administration wants Ukraine to fight to the last man and woman. That is a great tragedy for the Ukrainian people and the global economy.

Germany may not support Western sanctions and the flow of NATO weapons to Ukraine for much longer. Putin has already reduced the gas flow to Germany by 40%. The Germans are effectively reminded they may soon have to shut down industries and freeze in the dark. A prolonged energy shortage will crush German economic output – all compliments of Angela Merkel's 16-year reign of green politics and Olaf Scholz's recent support of sanctions. We should not forget that Angela Merkel ridiculed Donald Trump when he rightfully challenged Europe's reliance on Russian energy.

Our leaders were drunk on delusional self-righteousness and moral superiority when they imposed sanctions on Russia. Without cost-benefit analysis or open debate, decisions were made in the heat of the moment, not based on reason but impulse. They deSwifted Russian banks stole dollar assets without due process, and denied Russian export of goods critical for Europe's economies. The sanctions were based on a belief that the Russian Rouble would go into free fall and unseat President Putin. To their horror, no such thing has happened. The Rouble is stronger than before the war, the Russian economy shows signs of stabilizing, and Russian oil and gas are still flowing to Europe through intermediaries like India. So, sanctions do not work as intended but precipitate numerous threats to Western economies - a result predicted by common sense but to the bafflement of the ruling elites who act on infantilized emotions when competence and diplomacy are the only way out of the political quagmire.

Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, Jacinda Ardern, and Emmanuel Macron are just a few examples of failing leaders hungry for even more power. They seem to have fallen prey to idea-pathogens void of sympathy for the populations they are supposed to serve. Citizens are simply subjects expected to do as they are told and pay higher taxes with a smile. It is a paradox that these characters climb to the pinnacle of political power, but they are protected by media that refuse to ask the right questions. Progressive authoritarian leaders attack Western values while venerating all other cultures just for not being "Western." Still, they wonder why they're held in such low regard.

COVID-19 or Putin did not cause the madness we have suffered over the last couple of years. The severe cultural, social, and economic decline we have endured resulted from bad decisions made by weak and incompetent politicians acting on emotions and demands from hysterical and corrupt media. Pointless Covid restrictions, the Net Zero agenda, refusal to control borders, and finally, the decision to sanction Russia will blow up many Western economies.

The European Green Deal has alone enough destructive potential to render Europe an economic desert with accelerating loss of competitiveness. Braindead bureaucrats have effectively adopted cataclysmic energy policies dictated by a psychotic Swedish teenager and radical German "greens". Political and professional virtue signalers have effectively decided that the future of Europe is to serve as an architectural and industrial museum - telling a sad story of incredible self-harm caused by borderline political insanity. Now, panic has stricken the German industry. Closed-down coal power plants will be recommissioned to alleviate the self-induced energy crisis. What an irony.

The ruling elites learn nothing from past mistakes and will admit no responsibility for the many perils they have created. When things go wrong, the political instinct is to double down on failing policies. The current White House claimed to be the "adults in the room", but the actions of President Biden and the rest of the G7 leaders prove they are simply children playing with matches.

My investment adviser is quite clear on European prospects: "Europe is all about regulations and taxes. For heaven's sake, invest your money elsewhere".

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